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The Rhode Island Resource Conservation and Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation. Its mission is to provide technical, educational, and financial assistance to communities, state agencies, and other non-profits for natural resource management, community planning, and economic development issues and projects.

The RC&D was awarded an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) for review of ongoing Superfund cleanup activities at the Naval Construction Battalion Center located at Davisville, RI. Currently this site is the Quonset Davisville Industrial Park operated by the Quonset Development Corporation, 30 Enterprise Drive, North Kingstown, RI.

The Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) allows concerned citizens in affected communities to retain technical information of findings of the environmental restoration activities. This process is designed to assist the public in clarifying its understanding of potential impacts , keep local citizens informed, and encourage constructive input into the review process of proposed remedial actions.

There were initially 16 installation remediation sites identified in 1984 for investigation of potential contamination. With a clean up plan adopted to provide a safe, effective, timely and cost effective restoration of the individual parcels suitable for each intended sites use, only five (5) active sites remain for restoration monitoring as of 2006.

This website under the banner of QUONSET DAVISVILLE REMEDIATION REPORTS - ALL PRIOR SITES identifies our engineering newsletters on past sites, a map locator for all Remediation Sites at Quonset/Davisville, and provides several Navy administration record indexes. All hard copy documentation of officially-published administrative records can be referenced at the North Kingstown Free Library, Reference Desk, lower floor, 100 Boon Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852. Other sources for the same information are available from the RI DEM, Providence, RI and Quonset Development Corporation, North Kingstown, RI.

Our website also lists the five (5) remaining active sites as of 2006 currently being monitored by the US Navy and, includes the completion activities for the US Army Corps of Engineers clean up of the former PR-58 Nike Site (2006).


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