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Coverts Project Cooperator
The Rhode Island Coverts Project is looking for woodland owners who want to learn about, practice and help others understand good forest and wildlife stewardship. This application is an important step in helping us locate enthusiastic individuals to become RI Coverts Project Cooperators. If you own or help to manage some forestland, and are interested in becoming a Cooperator, please complete this form soon as possible.

If you prefer, complete a hard-copy form and mail to:

    Paul Dolan, Project Coordinator
    The Rhode Island Coverts Project
    c/o Rhode Island Resource Conservation & Development Council
    2283 Hartford Avenue
    Johnston, RI 02919

    Paul Dolan, Project Coordinator

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Dolan at 401-500-0399 or rircd2283@gmail.com.


    (Last)          (First)          (MI)





    Home Phone

    Work Phone

    Cell Phone


    How long have you lived in the community in which your woodlands are located?


    Approximately how many acres of woodland do you own or are you responsible for managing in Rhode Island?

      I own acres of forestland in RI

      I am involved in the stewardship of acres of forestland, owned by someone else in RI.

    Do you have a written forest stewardship plan or forest management plan?

       Yes          No          In Development

    What, if any, forest or wildlife stewardship activities have you carried out on your wooded property or managed property in the past three years?

    Please indicate the statement which most accurately describes the level of knowledge you feel you have about forest and wildlife stewardship (check one):

       I have no knowledge of forest or natural resource stewardship.
       I am aware of some of the options available to me in managing my property
            for wood, wildlife and other benefits.
       I understand some forest and wildlife stewardship concepts and can explain them to others.
       I have the skills to implement some forest and wildlife stewardship activities on my land.
       I have the same level of knowledge that a forester and/or wildlife biologist possesses.

    What aspect of the Coverts Project interests you the most?

    Tell us briefly about your interest and involvement in forest and wildlife conservation.

    If selected to attend the Coverts Cooperator workshop, what dietary restrictions should we make dining services aware of?

       No Restrictions

    By submitting this form, you acknowledge that, specifically, selected Coverts Cooperators agree to the following:

    1. Attend the in-resident workshop.
    2. Develop a sound forest and wildlife management plan for your woodland and/or woodland that you steward.
    3. Maintain, for at least one year, the reference materials provided at the training workshop.
    4. Make an active effort, in conjunction with other Cooperators, to reach out to woodland owners in your community.
    5. Be available as a resource to answer questions in your community.

    Anything else you'd like to share?


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